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Perform Weapon Drill

hier kann diskutiert werden bis die Fetzen fliegen

Perform Weapon Drill

Beitragvon Xewarius » 23. Dez 2011, 15:12

siehe CWar p.121
für diejenigen, die zufaul sind selber nachzuschlagen,
hier der komplette auszug

You are skilled in quick, fl ashy movements of a weapon and
can put on a display that shows off your prowess in combat.
This category of the Perform skill covers any sort of
weapon display, such as twirling a sword or fl ipping a dagger
from hand to hand. Despite the skill’s name, you can use it
when unarmed by demonstrating diffi cult martial arts techniques
or shadow boxing against an imaginary opponent.

Check: Unlike other categories of the Perform skill, your
prowess with the weapon (indicated by your base attack
bonus) is an important factor in how good your Perform
(weapon drill) skill is. Apply half your base attack bonus
(rounded down) as a circumstance bonus on Perform
(weapon drill) checks. Your Charisma modifi er also applies,
as with any Perform check. If you aren’t profi cient with the
weapon you’re using, you take the –4 nonprofi ciency penalty
on Perform (weapon drill) checks.
Action: Varies. If you’re performing to earn money in
public, a weapon drill requires at least 4 hours of 20-minute
performances, with breaks in between. If you’re demonstrating
your skill or trying to impress the crowd at a gladiator
match (see Chapter 4 of this book), the performance
is a standard action.

Try Again: Yes, but as with other uses of the
Perform skill, subsequent attempts after a failure
increase the DC of the Perform check by 2 for
each previous failure.

Special: The following feats each grant
a +2 bonus on relevant Perform (weapon
drill) checks: Combat Expertise, Greater
Weapon Focus, Quick Draw, Two-
Weapon Fighting, Weapon Focus,
and Whirlwind Attack.
A bard cannot use Perform
(weapon drill) checks to perform
his bardic music abilities (inspire
courage, fascinate, and so on).
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Re: Perform Weapon Drill

Beitragvon Egi » 23. Dez 2011, 17:16

willst du dir eine goldene nase verdienen ohne deinen hintern in einen dungeon bewegen zu muessen? ;D
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Re: Perform Weapon Drill

Beitragvon Meph » 24. Dez 2011, 13:03

cool..stell dir ma nen barden vor der als bester kämpfer vorm publikum abrockt...und dann wenns ernst wird...ich muss weg! :D
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Re: Perform Weapon Drill

Beitragvon Egi » 27. Dez 2011, 20:57

so muss das sein :)
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Re: Perform Weapon Drill

Beitragvon Xewarius » 27. Dez 2011, 23:49

achso, hast es ja net mitbekommen.
wir hatten eine diskusion in der letzten session, ob auf den perform weapon drill der skill perform nötig ist. keiner wusste aber mehr wo es genau steht. ich habs dann halt gepostet^^
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